No one expects the Stannis Inquisition!

No one expects the Stannis Inquisition!

Sometimes I wonder if I’m living in somebody’s work of fiction.

"We are Night Vale!
And we are, in our own way, free."

— Cecil Palmer, Episode 48 “Renovations”

Check this out. It’s a collection of explanations for/descriptions of natural phenomena and scientific theories written to be the folklore of a “pre-science civilization with unusually accurate creation myths.”

Featured poooooost!

Talk given to the Colorado Independent Game Developers Association 4/18/14.

Sister Article

Imagine Carlos hanging out with Gordon Freeman.

Imagine them meeting up to discuss their respective jobs at the end of a long week.

*Seeing the fan art start to pop up again now that “Blue Sky” is out*

It begins.

I made this. Installed every last computer myself. Look’t’em.

Guess who finished her demo reel?